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Ad Preparation

Mechanical Requirements:
We can prepare your ad for a flat, one-time fee of only $500.00. Simply supply the text you would like on your ad (remember to be brief), as well as an electronic image of your product and your company logo if desired. Our creative staff will prepare your ad to your specifications and submit a proof for your approval.

Lead time of two to three-weeks before publication of the issue is required.
NextDecks technology is a product of Next Communications, Inc. and is also available for associations, affiliations, and proprietor use. Please contact for more information about licensing or affiliation programs.

The software advertising application used in this product is Patent Pending Worldwide. User acknowledges that no rights are guaranteed. To license this product, contact Next Communications at 952-934-8220; Copyright 2001,2002, 2003 Next Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. For assistance, email