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Production Requirements

Mechanical Requirements:
Submitted files must be sized to 536 pixels wide by 356 pixels high at 72 pixels per inch resolution. Files must be saved in JPEG file format, medium quality, in baseline or "standard" formatting to yield a file size of not more than 40K. No progressive JPEG files are permitted. To ensure optimum performance of the media, Publisher reserves the right to compress files to optimum levels without notification or proofs. Files submitted in any other format or manner may be subject to rejection or fees at an hourly rate for conversion to the JPEG format.

The NextDecks™ media is best suited for graphic, high-impact messages that entice a strong desire for the reader to investigate further by clicking through to your web site. Successful messages are simple and have little text-much like a billboard sign.

User display limitations can render small text difficult to read, and large amounts of information and text is best provided by your web site at your advertiser-supplied URL. Rather than linking to your home page, we recommend supplying a URL that points directly at specific information designed to fulfill the product or service featured in your advertisement.

We can prepare your NextDeck card for an affordable flat rate. Go to Creative Services to learn more.

We can also prepare your product information deep link page or an entire web site solution for your company. To be contacted by a member of our electronic media team, click here.
NextDecks technology is a product of Next Communications, Inc. and is also available for associations, affiliations, and proprietor use. Please contact for more information about licensing or affiliation programs.

The software advertising application used in this product is Patent Pending Worldwide. User acknowledges that no rights are guaranteed. To license this product, contact Next Communications at 952-934-8220; Copyright 2001,2002, 2003 Next Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. For assistance, email